Abstract art. Limited edition art prints.

Art print

Fleurs cosmiques

Add a splash of colour, a sprinkle of joy on your wall!

one or two

Allegria I & II

The perfect pair to make a bold statement in a room that needs more zest and personality. Each piece can be purchased individually.

Art print

she feels so much

Art print


No hiding here ..
This piece that will elevate your spirit by bringing vibrancy and adding so much character to your space.

Art print


A gentle reminder to keep cool...

zest + character

art prints of Lydie Petit abstract paintings

Feel the warmth, vibrancy, and simplicity of the uncomplicated joy from gazing at beautiful hues.
You are home. You are welcome.

Limited edition art print of original artwork by Lydie Petit

Available in 3 different sizes (A4, A3, and A2)

Printed on textured 100% cotton rag 310gsm paper

Sold unframed 

Free shipping in Australia