Designed With Love To Be Worn With Love

Follow these easy scarf care instructions to have your scarf looking and feeling its best at all times.


Take care when wearing your scarf with jewellery, zips, or near metal and sharp objects as the lightweight fabric can be prone to snags and pulls.

All scarves are 100% silk or silk cotton blend and are recommended 'Dry Clean Only' to avoid risk of shrinkage.
Proper care and 'aerating' the scarf after regular use is recommended.
Should your scarf get accidentally partially wet, it should be dried flat immediately to avoid risk of watermarking.
Do not bleach, soak, wring or tumble dry your scarf.

Frequency of cleaning depends on the type of fabric used. A good rule of thumb is two to three times a season max. Also, avoid wringing out your scarf after cleaning. This causes damage and can disfigure the shape of your scarf. Often it's best just to give your scarf a thorough airing and steam. Don't have a steamer or busy travelling? Simply hang your scarf in a closed bathroom while showering, and the steam should help drop out any creases and wrinkles, while also removing odours.


Like any premium fabric, how you store your scarf is just as important as how you wash it. All our scarves come in a beautiful box perfect for storage. Simply refold your scarf after wear and store.

Alternatively, loop over a coat hanger in the wardrobe, or fold or roll in a suitable storage box or draw.  Lavender sachets or cedarwood chips are recommended also as they will keep your scarves smelling sweet and fend off pesky moths and pests.